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Truly bizarre piece of music here from Shanghai’s Round Eye, who mash all sorts of styles together and delight at its awkwardness. I suppose the closest genre I could sneak them into is “punk”, but they forego punk rock’s aesthetic for large stretches of their self-titled debut. Instead, you might get a backwards-panned kraut-esque freakout, some carnival jazz not unlike Barnacled (or even Gogol Bordello), heavy streaks of noise-rock ala Melvins or some sort of made-up improvisation that recalls an amateur Magma. It’s as confusing to me while I explain it as it is you reading my explanation, trust me. Multiple tracks have sequels (see “Street Light A” and “Street Light B”, or “HeSheRoshima” A through C), but then there’s also a song squeezed in here titled, and I quote, “You Can Tell That She’s A Dud Lay By The Fact She Has A Photo Of Her Nephew As The Background On Her Phone.”. Sheesh. They’ll end a Can-esque smoke session with a throbbing trombone and think nothing of it, almost daring you to keep listening. Were there any funky breaks or harsh noise bursts, I’d liken Round Eye to The Boredoms, but those are two of the few sounds they aren’t working with. I can’t tell if Round Eye are authentically freaks, or if they just tried so hard to be freaky that the accidentally became true freaks, but regardless of their journey, they’ve arrived at their destination.

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