Punk OnlineIf there’s a lasting legacy of punk rock music, it surely has to be how the music and philosophy has influenced millions of people around the world to think for themselves. Many have gone onto form bands and try to become the influencers themselves.

This morning, the good folks at Punkonline Towers received a link to the debut L.P. from self described “freak punk” band, Round Eye who hail from Shanghai.

The band have toured all over the world including mainland China on a number of occasions and have been banned by the Ministry of Culture whilst on one tour with British band, The Boys (apparently some “stage antics” coupled with an offensive tour poster and ‘crowd control issues” offended the powers that be).

On their eponymously named first album we are treated to an opening chunky guitar riff that is interrupted by some free flowing saxophone that introduces us immediately to something different. Track 2 of the 17 on the album is the excellent ‘Street Light A’ which again adds saxophone to a more traditional punk riff and beat…I am reminded of the Cravats meets Captain Beefheart before the vocals come in…there is certainly a feeling of chaos and you can appreciate why they have won the “Best local band” title from Shanghai’s City Weekend magazine two years in a row.

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